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Himalayan Trek – Ganges Glacier: An Amazing, Challenging Journey in the Mystical Himalaya’s

Our trek is nearing, we are excited!

2-9 October 2022

The Himalayan Trek – Ganges Glacier is one of the most exciting & spiritually enlightening trails in the Himalayas.  This life changing experience  takes you to the source of the River Ganges. Walking in the shadow of the greatest mountains on earth (altitude ranging from 4000 meters to 6500 meters), it is the ultimate thrill for both spiritual & adventure seekers.

Located in the extreme terrain of the Uttarkashi Himalayan Range, the Ganges Glacier is a 28 km long and almost 4 km wide. This Glacier borders China (Tibet) and is enveloped by multiple Himalayan Peaks – Bhagirathi III, Meru, Shivling and Thalay Sagar. The mountain peaks, lush meadows and majestic landscapes along the trek make for unforgettable memories. You also meet cave dwelling Yogis who may choose to share their practices with you.

Our Retreat begins in Rishikesh – the home of Yoga and concludes in the Glacial Himalayas. We will be staying in ashrams in Rishikesh & Gangotri & camping during our trek. Please note that during the trek we will be walking for approximately 8 hours per day. The trek is challenging but enjoyable. It is recommended that you become comfortable walking 5-10 km per day to prepare for this life-affirming adventure.


Accommodation in Ashrams, mountain lodges & tents.

All meals & drinks daily.

Daily Yoga (am & pm).

Guides to assist you during trek.

We carry all equipment, tents, food & drinks – you will carry just a small backpack with personal belongings (not more than 5kg is recommended)*.

We obtain all passes & clearance for trekking in the Himalayas.

Marmapuncture & Wellbeing Workshops to assist with muscle aches & altitude sickness.

Spiritual & Yogic Workshops with Cave Dwelling Yogi’s.

Transfers from Dehradun, India.

*We will provide a recommended packing list.

Our Program:

Day One:

We stay in an ashram on the banks of the Ganges, attend Ganga Aarthi & relax.

Day Two:

We travel to Gangotri, with multiple stops along the way to enjoy the various peaks & spectacular views. Lofty mountain peaks, glaciers, deodars, and stunning vistas are observed throughout the drive. Thin air and holy river flowing around seem to cleanse your mind & body as you prepare mentally for the glorious trek in days to come.

Day Three:

We rest & acclimatise. We will visit various Yogis & spiritual teachers in the caves around Gangotri.

Trek Begins

Day 4:


Trek Gangotri to Bhojbasa via Chirbasa.

Altitude: 12,450 feet
Distance: 14 km, Time taken: 8 hours. A  challenging day of the trek. Some steep climb in the beginning followed by gradual upslope makes this climb easier for trekkers.  Bhojbasa is the widest point in the valley and you will be awestruck by beauty of the campsite here.

Day 5:

Trek Bhojbasa to Tapovan via Gaumukh

Altitude: 14,200 feet
Distance: 9 km, Time taken: 7 hours. Gradual ascents, flat descents and jagged pathways, this trail here will test you on many levels. Campsite lies tucked in the meadows below Mount Shivling. With imposing vistas all around, this place is made for photography.

Day 6:

Trek Tapovan to Bhojbasa

Altitude: 11,750 feet
Distance: 14 km, Time taken: 8 hours. Another day of negotiating turns, bends, and climbs to walk almost 14 km. Challenging descent followed by a few easy ascents make this patch an exciting one. In the evening you get to appreciate Mt. Meru, from her it is the most closely observed. The views are breath-taking.

Day 7:

Trek Bhojbasa to Gangotri

Altitude: 10,050 feet
Distance: 14 km, Time taken: 8 hours

You have already walked this trek. The continuous descent can take a toll.  Hence we take it slow and enjoy the vistas. The moderate descent is steady and gradual. There are streams en route for you to splash your face with glacial water sourced from the Himalayas. This trek spanning 4 days would be one of the most memorable journey you ever took.

Day 8:

Travel from Gangotri to Dehradun.

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