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At IYogaa we offer a variety of short, simple to follow, Yoga, Meditation & Personal Development classes and programs. From deep relaxation to stabilising your core to total mind-body transformation – we have classes addressing your needs





Nitasha’s yoga training began in childhood and she has been trekking into the Himalayan peaks to meet her teachers and to teach for over 25 years. Her wisdom on traditional yoga and meditation practices is immense.

Her personal practice is one of dedication, perseverance and humility.

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The fact that I enjoy every class and make progress each week speaks volumes to the experience of the teacher. The classes will not fail to boost your mood.

Tegan Francis

Authentic teacher, who has a strong traditional approach to yoga, with exceptional scientific grounding & knowledge.

Poonam Chand

A very pleasant teacher who has an in-depth knowledge of yoga and a scientific backing to explain it beautifully. It is rare to find this combination.

Suman Vohra

An inspirational, knowledgeable & inclusive instructor, who challenges yet encourages you. Thank you for helping me continue my yoga journey.

Harsha Bechoo

great inspirational patient teacher

Maria Nichols

Nitasha came to me one day and really has enhanced my understanding of which I am so very grateful . Her deep and authentic style is based on a life study of this wonderful practice . She teaches at a pace which involves all levels and shows you how your breathe and body should be working together to enhance your physical and mental health.

Sandra Tyler-Smith

Nitasha is such a good instructor way ahead in the real meaning of yoga. A yogi !

Dew M Drop

So helpful in these difficult Quarantine days .
Nitasha is clear and flexible ! Greatly recommended

Parvati Rajamoni

If you’re looking for yoga teacher, Nitasha’s up there with the best! She’s been doing yoga since she was a toddler and generously passes on her knowledge to all. There’s so much more, but all I’ll say is, her classes have made me much more stronger and helped a lot with my flexibility. Thank you, Nitasha.

Swarupa Vaingankar

Fantastic knowledge of all things Yoga and more

Alberto Fortuna

Amazing teacher, always goes back to the basics so you don’t fall into bad habits which I’m guilty of! Completely devoted and sincere in her teaching

Saheena Soo Kun

Nitasha is a fully trained and professional yoga teacher She caters for all age groups and all health conditions With her wealth of knowledge and experience I managed to resolve many back problems

Meetali Jutla

Fantastic yoga teacher.


The Yoga teachers teacher. You begin to realise how comprehensive Nitasha is in her teaching and practice as your practice develops.

Alison Symmons

, Yoga Teacher, Miami

The depth of wisdom coupled with human understanding is just unbelievable. I am grateful to you at the end of every practice.

Ane Maria

, Yoga Teacher, Tuscany

IYogaa offers Yoga classes for all levels and needs.

Our practice is based on classical Yoga fused with modern neuroscience.

All our classes and programmes are structured and progressive – to help you deepen your Yoga journey. 

We also offer our IYogaa Foundation Programme – a 12-week program that gives you complete grounding in Yoga while improving both physical and mental wellbeing.

It is ideal for anybody who wants to function at their best.

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